While waiting for spring, here are some things to do.

While waiting for spring, here are some things to do.

Photo by Anjana Menon on Unsplash

Don’t let your spirits dampen while waiting for spring.

And although we get a couple of nice days in March here in London and Surrey, you probably won’t pass the opportunity to complain about all the clouds and rain still, with us. But as with anything, complaining never brought any good, so here we are, exploring and giving you some tips on what you can do to keep your spirits up. We are almost out of the thick (weather), just a few more weeks. Hopefully.

1. Visit a local museum in Surrey

You do probably haven’t seen them all, and most likely that one in your proximity. So, pack up, hit the queue early in the morning and enjoy a “different” day.

2. Brunch the heck out with friends

Need a recommendation? Well, if it’s not too far away, visit this Kingston Upon Thames local restaurant/coffee place and chill out. Our team at MyHomeLovely is quite frequent there and we are sure you will enjoy. They have amazing food an even better coffee

3. Bake night in

You probably have friends who “specialise” in certain dishes that you haven’t tasted in a while? If you know how to cook even better, add to the joy and show off. Alternatively, get behind organising snacks and drinks?

4. Go see a Theatre play

Always something good going on in New Victoria Theatre in Woking, G Live in Guildford, Rose Theatre in Kingston Upon Thames, and The Miller Centre Theatre in Caterham. These rainy days are peeeerfect for this, we are so happy we live in Surrey, United Kingdom.

5. Indulge yourself with a day at a spa centre

Nothing nicer than drifting in a hot spa pool while raining outside. Mix it up with some Finish or Turkish steamy sauna sessions and you will be detoxicated and energised for a week.


The main idea is, as you may have noticed- get out and spend more time out. We are officially labeled as The generation  “indoors”.

This is because we spend 90% of our time indoors. Think about that for a second. Our homes filled with all the nice things and necessities, so we don’t have to go out. We turned our backs on nature. Our houses are built so that nothing can get in (to keep us warm, dry and safe). But in the process we built it around us, so anything we do inside can’t escape also, or it barely can. We breathe, cook, play, shower, sleep, sweat in our homes. Air turned bad inside and we tried fixing it with chemicals and we tried to make the inside brighter with artificial lights. It’s slowly making us ill to the point that some need help to sleep, to breathe, even not to feel sad.

Experts suggest that children would benefit from 3-6 hours of being outside a day in order to develop properly in a mental and physical way. For adults- spending an hour in a train commute to work and back doesn’t count as being outdoors. So use this weekend to work those numbers up.

There are some small things you can do for your home and we wrote about the quality of indoors air here, and what you can do to make your home more pleasant here. If you are too busy with life and work, go to our home page and learn more about how we can help you keep your house clean and tidy in Surrey and South West London.





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