The rest of 20 questions you should ask your cleaner before they visit

The rest of 20 questions you should ask your cleaner before they visit

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Welcome back! In our previous blog we explored some of the most frequently asked questions for your cleaners.

Here we dwell a little bit deeper and discuss tiny but important details about you service, the company servicing you and their operations.


11. Is it sensible to leave the cleaner a note on the day with the items to be prioritised should he/she be running short?


Most of the companies will have their own cleaning check-lists, but if this is the kind of arrangement you have with them- then, of course, it is ok to leave a checklist of your own.


12. Do you do steam cleaning if needed (kitchen, bathroom)?


Always give some context here to your cleaners. Steam cleaning is widely but sometimes unnecessarily used technique. For example- it’s very helpful in commercial kitchens/restaurants but for domestic purposes, other tools and products can be used efficiently and more cost-effectively.


13. Do you clean windows outside?


If you have this requirement – it’s good to know in advance. Most cleaning companies don’t clean windows outside as that would require specialist equipment and approach along with insurance cover for work on heights. If the windows are on the ground floor that should be ok to do for any cleaner.


14. Can you climb ladders to reach high areas (high ceiling cobwebs)?


Another one with work on heights- companies will usually have long extension dusters to reach high ceilings, but won’t climb the ladders to reach. Cleaning company insurance usually doesn’t allow cleaners climbing higher than 2 steps- in case of fall, this lowers the chance of serious injury.


15. Do you move furniture or do we have to do that?


Most cleaning companies will not be able to move heavy items. The reason being is that simply cleaners are not trained to do so safely and they are not trained as heavy lifters (as furniture removers are). Lighter items, chairs, tables, etc are usually not an issue. A good rule of thumb is if it’s heavier than 3 stones (20kg)


16. What happens if someone gets injured or something gets damaged?


This is a very important one and many (!) people are winging this and hoping for the best in exchange for a few £. But we would categorise this one in the same category as driving an uninsured car. Sure, accidents are rare, and you are driving extra carefully- but what about the other side? It’s quite serious if you find yourself in an accident and you don’t have a cover. Same with the cleaning- If something gets broken or damaged or someone gets injured- you will be liable (as it is your house) if the cleaners are not properly insured. Have an expensive carpet, kitchen marble or white appliances? We implore you to ask this question and think twice is it worth it.


17. What about cleaning supplies?


Will you be providing them or will the cleaners bring their own? You want to know as this can affect the price as well. Also, in most cases, you don’t want to worry about replenishing stock and thinking on your feet if you don’t have something at hand. Another thing is that sometimes you won’t have the best/most effective products and the cleaning can be unsatisfactory.


18. What kind of products do you use?


Why do we think you should ask this- because your health is important, the planet is important and the efficiency of work is important. If you have any allergies, you want to know if cleaners can use allergy-friendly products. If you have any tough spots maybe you need stronger products- your cleaner should be able to advise.


19. What’s the arrangement regarding spare keys – will the cleaner keep hold of a set?


If you are happy for your cleaners to have a spare key you would want to know what is their policy on key keeping and what happens in case of a key loss. Some companies prefer you to hold the key in combination access key box. This can also be helpful to you in case you get locked out of your home. There are secure solutions (boxes) to purchase everywhere for from 10£ and upwards.


20. What’s the cancellation period if we wish to terminate the service?

In case something happens and you need to cancel the booking or reschedule you want to know are there any cancellation fees. Most of the companies will allow for re-scheduling if their schedule allows and will charge a fee for late notice cancellations. Another thing to keep in mind is what happens if you booked your service and cleaners arrived but can’t get access to your property- prepare yourself as you might have to pay so-called “lock-out” fee.


And there you have it, 20 well-thought-through questions every new customer should ask their cleaners. And don’t limit yourself to these. We would encourage you to ask away. If you have any particular questions regarding your house cleaning needs in Surrey or Southwest London you can always drop us at MyHomeLovely a line. We will be happy to help.


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