Teenagers and Tidying up: How a Clean Room Becomes a Reality

Teenagers and Tidying up: How a Clean Room Becomes a Reality

In our previous article, we’ve focused on showing you the benefits of having your teenager clean their room. The second article in MyHomeLovely’s series on teenagers and cleaning will help you to actually achieve that.

You won’t be the one cleaning, but if a clean room is to become reality, you still need to put in a lot of effort. Firstly, arm yourself with patience and don’t give up. Secondly, be ready to try different approaches. Finally, check out some of our suggestions that should make the battle easier.


Understand what their room means to them

The first step is always awareness. You need to be aware of your teen’s feelings in order to approach the situation in the best way possible.

What you may see as simply a messy room is, in fact, a canvas on which teenagers express their individuality. During adolescence, a room becomes a symbol of rebellion and independence, but also a sanctuary from the outside world – if you try to forcefully change anything about it (including the mess), your teen will see it as an act of war.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the teenager’s dominion is absolute. You are still the parent and you set the rules, so what you need to work on is how you set them.

Be specific about what you want

You’ve entered your teen’s room and the room looks so dreadful that you immediately demand a clean-up. “I want this room to be spotless in an hour!”

But what does ‘spotless’ mean? Whose standards are we talking about? Maybe the other side doesn’t see the reason for all the fuss and, because of that, won’t listen to you. Furthermore, if you’re not specific about what is bothering you, your teen doesn’t have a starting point.

For example, if you hate the pile of dirty socks say: “I hate that pile of dirty socks, toss all of that in the washing machine.” Of course, the room is not as clean as you want it to be, but it’s a start.

Manage your expectations

Let’s be honest, the main reason you want your teenager’s room to be clean is their attitude. They don’t contribute to the household at all, yet they feel entitled to sulk all the time. The least they can do is tidy up after themselves.

While this is true, this mindset makes you prone to lashing out. Don’t expect too much, but start with smaller things. Decide on what needs to be cleaned and how often. Moreover, you should stay flexible and open to your teen’s wishes.

Naturally, not everything can be negotiated, but showing your teenager that you don’t automatically decide on things goes a long way.

It’s all about organisation

And good habits mean good organisation. Despite their best intentions, teenagers often simply forget to do what they said they would. Try not to hold it against them. Instead, organise their time for them by coming up with a schedule.

You may want to include their schedule cleaning in the bigger house cleaning schedule. That way they can see that their cleaning tasks can’t compare to yours. They may even wish to take on some of your household chores (but don’t be too hopeful about this, it’s a much safer bet to rely on MyHomeLovely a trusty and professional cleaning company Surrey).

In any case, a schedule helps make cleaning a habit, and that is something you really want a teenager to adopt. In case you need suggestions for schedule design or cleaning routines in general, check out the following links.


Adopting a habit

Getting a teenager to tidy up their room occasionally is only the first step. Your final goal should be to make it a regular thing, which is precisely what our next article will focus on. But don’t forget, sticking to your cleaning routine can get difficult, for teens and adults alike, to propel yourself to success you can try Homey App. It’s a fun way to make your kids complete chores and get rewarded for it.

If regular cleaning becomes too overwhelming for members of your household and you rather spend your time outdoors, remember that you can always book our professional cleaners to handle it for you.


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