How Should You Approach Cleaning If You Are a Student (in Shared Student Housing)

How Should You Approach Cleaning If You Are a Student (in Shared Student Housing)


You rather wouldn’t approach it in any way, am I right? Unfortunately, cleaning is a sad reality for everyone – especially students.

You know you’ve got to do it, but there are always better and more important things you could be doing. If you live on your own, the entire burden is exclusively yours to bear, but that fact also prevents you from passing the responsibility to someone else.

In shared student housings and flats, cleaning can run quite smoothly if everyone works together. It can also be absolutely horrifying and mentally-scarring.

The thing that decides whether you’ll have pristine heaven or grimy hell lies in how you approach cleaning, so take note of the following:

Cleaning schedules and equal cleaning for all!

The cleaning schedule is an essential peace-keeping tool wherever there are several people sharing the same living environment.

Choose an app or the simplest piece of paper, but take your time to design the schedule. Once everyone agrees on the cleaning tasks, make sure that each person follows through!

Personal space

Some chores need not be regulated by the cleaning schedule and these usually have to do with the sense of personal space.

Everyone is expected to make their own bed, reorganize the work desk and everything else that falls under common decency. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same understanding of what counts as common decency.

Naturally, when that happens, you can’t really force people to take care of these areas if they are not so keen on it themselves. However, if their belongings leave the messy epicentre, you can try reasoning with the offender. Remind them that it is not nice to leave unwashed clothes everywhere and do so kindly, yet firmly. If that goes down the drain, feel free to be passive aggressive.

The kitchen and the bathroom

The trick for cleaning these high-maintenance areas can be reduced to one sentence: clean it now! If you notice a spill or any sort of filth, don’t leave it for later. It will become too difficult to remove.

This also applies to dishes. Being lazy for a couple of days creates a mess which is not that far away from becoming a mouldy mess.

The other thing is to pay attention to the surfaces. Cleaning regularly isn’t such a hassle if you focus only on areas which are easier to reach. Using a good, eco-friendly cleaning product together with a microfiber cloth should be more than enough. Leave the stove, the microwave and the shower cabin for a monthly clean-up, and you will stay motivated.

Common areas

Regular vacuuming of the rugs and dusting of shelves goes without saying, but don’t forget to vacuum the sofa and clean the throws and decorative pillows.

Pay attention to your curtains too! Curtains, just like carpets and doormats, accumulate an unimaginable amount of dust and should be given a wash every six weeks or so.

A tidy place means a tidy and carefree mind

Regular cleaning helps in keeping you healthy and to practise focus and will power. So for young people, the effect it has on the mind is usually more important. It is for this reason that college students manage to keep the cleanliness of their living space more or less satisfying. Take a look at this video on building your will power and practising focus by Dandipani.

However, there are extraordinary situations that threaten to throw the whole place into chaos. Exams, a nasty flu virus, a crazy party… The list goes on and on.

If you feel that you can’t handle it on your own with all other obligations, but believe that our team of professional cleaners Guildford in Surrey can be of help, don’t hesitate to contact us! Together we can arrange an appointment that will best suit your needs.




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