Our Pricing

Fitted carpets
Bedroom £30
Living/Dining Room £35
Staircase – regular width £25
Landing £10
Hallway – regular width      £ 20


Armchair £40
Two Seat Sofa £60
Three Seat Sofa £80
Four Seat Sofa £100
Five Seat Sofa £120


Small Rug £30
Medium Rug £35
Large Rug £40
Extra Large Rug £45
Persian/Oriental      —


Mattress Cleaning
Single Mattress £20
Double Mattress £30
Kingsize Mattress £35


Curtain Cleaning
Half length, standard width £20 per pair
Full length, standard width £30 per pair
Half length, extra wide £30 per pair
Full length, extra wide £45 per pair


Car Interior
Front car seats £24
Rear car seats £30

For commercial carpet cleaning please call us on 02032879626 for a quote.

We pride ourselves to offer ethical carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We don’t have hidden costs, we don’t upsell you or charge for pre-treatment or stain removal treatment additionally. We will always give you our honest opinion.

Please note that we can not guarantee to remove all stains and be aware of those who do provide such guarantees.


All carpet and upholstery services include:

• Trained technicians using top of the range technology and proven procedures

• Inspection and client walkthrough

• Pre-treatment (vacuuming, agitation and pre-spray)

• High pressure, hot water extraction (steam) cleaning

• Stain treatments where required

• Allergen removal and anti-bacterial treatment

• Carpet deodoriser

• Non-harsh and non-toxic solutions

• PH safe carpets for skin contact

• Up to 2x faster drying times

• Follow up advice if required


*Minimum callout fee is £60.

*Additional services like stain protection are charged £15 extra per carpet.

* For larger than regular size carpets or 100% wool carpets price can increase

*Our 72 hrs satisfaction guarantee applies.

*Our 100% cancellation fee applies when cancellation is given less than 24 hrs before the booking.