5 Tips on Making Your Office and Work Desk More Pleasant

5 Tips on Making Your Office and Work Desk More Pleasant

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The December holiday atmosphere is something special, a time of freedom and indulgence. However, with the second week of January, the post-holiday reality knocks on our doors and escorts us back to our (home) offices. Of course, this is much too soon. Now, how do the “makeover” of a work desk and whole office workspace fit into this?

Our office is the place that we return to after all the festivities are over, and that transition is often far from easy. But the thing is that it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Moreover, it can be just the opposite if you focus on bringing a dash of freshness to your old workspace!


Without further ado, here are some quick tips that’ll help make your workspace more pleasant!

  1. De-clutter and de-clutter some more

This one is so over-used that it’s becoming corny, but we’re mentioning it because it’s undeniably true.

No one feels motivated when surrounded by a pile of papers! You will increase your productivity and efficiency by getting that extra space on your work desk.

Furthermore, de-cluttering is important for health reasons. Unnecessary items collect dust which is one of the most overlooked health-hazards. Get rid of the clutter, and the allergy-inducing dust particles will be kept at bay!

  1. Cable and cord management

Not everyone’s workspace is under attack by various cables and cords. However, even those office desks with only a laptop will benefit from a bit of cable management. Do you struggle with finding the right charger from that stash of chargers in your drawer? Is plugging a couple of gadgets at the same time a hassle for you?

Cable and cord management can be considered a part of the de-cluttering effort since it has the same positive effects. However, here you can get a bit more creative. Check out these two articles for inspiration!

  1. Personalise!

Charm and appeal of your workspace rest largely on the details that help show your personality and motivate you at the same time. Depending on where you work, you may be slightly limited in your options, but no one will oppose a bulletin board, a few framed photos and a small figurine.

In general, when it comes to your work desk, you shouldn’t overdo it with the accessories since they help create clutter.

For the best possible working conditions, you can get a live plant that is low-maintenance. Also, think about investing in a small lamp that casts warm and natural light.

  1. Ensure maximum comfort

Long hours at the work desk should be made as pleasant as possible, both for reasons of health and productivity.

Having a comfortable chair and a desk most suited for your needs are only the first step. The holidays are still on, sort of, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself to an ergonomic footrest, a memory foam mouse pad, or perhaps a cosy blanket!

  1. Go green!

Going green is important because you will be helping the environment and feeling great because you’re contributing to the cause while working from your desk!

Firstly, one of the easiest ways of going green is using eco-friendly cleaning products. By using these products, you’re protecting the environment and minimizing the cleaning products’ effects on your health.

Secondly, make an effort to recycle used office supplies whenever that is possible. If your workplace cares about recycling, this is simply making it easier for you to contribute to the cause. If not, you’re making an important step that may inspire a more green-oriented work culture.

Thirdly, do not use plastic cups and other disposables. Having a cool mug or using edible straws adds a bit of personality to your work desk and helps reduces waste.

Keeping the office workspace pleasant

While following these and many other tips will contribute to a pleasant workspace, nothing is more important than a regular, thorough cleaning. At My Home Lovely, we do our utmost so that you can enjoy a pleasant and clean environment, whether at work or at home. Contact us today if your home is near and you are looking for residential cleaning South West London and experience for yourself!



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