Keep your living areas in check

Keep your living areas in check

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After our last article and one great checklist for a perfectly clean kitchen here comes another one for those who would like to keep their living areas spotless as well.

You can apply this checklist to every room in your home. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom or just general room this list will help you keep it clean.

On this list are mostly things people forget to do but that are important none the less. But hey, that’s why we make lists after all so that we don’t forget something or skip some important while tending this big cleaning party.

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So let’s see what you need to do, here is the list (not extensive) that will help you out but not wear you out:

  • wipe down and spot clean walls
  • dust & clean light fixtures/fans
  • clean window frames and windows
  • attend to dryer vents in the laundry area
  • shampoo carpets (using shampooing machine)
  • dust light bulbs
  • clean all baseboards, railings, trim and low surface areas
  • clean and change air filters (don’t forget to make note of date)
  • disinfect/clean all switches, knobs and doors
  • check fire detectors (this is important)
  • properly clean around dryer vents
  • sweep/mop/vacuum

And that is it, of course, if you feel like this is a bit overwhelming for you, you just make a list and pass it over to MyHomeLovely house cleaning professional. We’ll do all the work for you and you’re just left with crossing off the items on it without doing all the work.

So, when you need a spotless home just give us a call, sit back and relax with a hot cup of coffee and some great book or a magazine. That is all. If you are downtown Chicago and looking for cleaning company recommendation, try Maid Service Chicago, they do a brilliant job!

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