How long will it take to deep clean your home?

How long will it take to deep clean your home?

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Here at MyHomeLovely we highly recommend deep cleaning service to all our new clients. This makes regular maintenance cleaning a breeze and even a move out cleaning more cost-effective.

Deep cleaning is as detailed cleaning as you can get and that is how you should look at the differentiation between regular and deep cleaning service of your home. Getting in and under those areas that you usually wouldn’t when you do a regular cleaning. With deep cleaning everything is wet-washed and polished. On the other hand with regular cleans everything is still wiped/dusted but not wet-washed. Deep cleaning in springtime is often referred to as Spring cleaning.

To help you estimate on how long would it take for a deep or spring clean of your home you should answer questions like how long does it take you to do the regular cleaning, how many people live in the house, do you have pets, was it cleaned by a professional in the recent period. For estimating the length of a deep cleaning a good rule of a thumb is 2 to 3 times more than it takes for regular cleaning. This is an estimation for a regular size property where there are no pets, where about 1.5 people live in per bedroom and if the property is not extra dirty. The deep cleaning times can extend depending on how many above factors and extras you add to your cleaning session.

The Checklist

These are the tasks we include (on top of regular clean) in our deep cleaning appointments at Surrey and South West London and you should too if you are cleaning your own home.

  • Living areas/bedrooms/kitchen:
    Skirting cleaning
    Light switches/door knobs
    Wipe/dust individual objects/knick-knacks
    Vacuum under beds, behind sofas
    Vacuum furniture and upholstery
    Sanitise rubbish bins
  • Bathroom:
    Scrub tile grouting
    Remove hard water/soap stains from shower doors
    Remove limescale

You can always add some extras that are not on this list such as inside the oven, inside the fridge, inside the kitchen/bathroom cabinets, inside windows, etc. When doing so make sure to plan ahead. For example, if you want to clean your fridge/freezer inside, you will want to defrost it the night before. If you need to move furniture then you will need to allow some extra for this.

Please remember cleaning is hard work and deep or spring cleaning is hard work at its peak. If you are doing your cleaning by yourself well done on you. But please do remember to take breaks often (every couple of hours). Also, drink a lot of liquids and air the rooms or limit access to others especially if you are using chemicals. Be aware that your pets won’t thank you when you fill their habitat with strong fumes and senses.

If you rather spend your time doing something more fun with your family or friends go ahead to our booking page and book your deep cleaning service with MyHomeLovely in Surrey and South West London. We will guarantee your satisfaction.


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