Get your end of tenancy deposit back

Get your end of tenancy deposit back

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First things first- look after the rental property and treat it as you would your own. Second, be paranoid and don’t assume a positive outcome when it comes to getting your deposit back. Well, don’t stress about it just make sure you are taking steps (especially cleaning and maintaining the property) in securing your deposit refund throughout the rental period.

Here are some of the most common reasons for a landlord or a lettings agency in the UK to keep a part or entire rental deposit:

  • You owe some rent or you have an agreement for a part of or the whole amount to be taken from that deposit
  • You have damaged the property (big or small damage) It can be a stain on the carpets or a hole in the wall form hanging a picture
  • You have lost or broken some of the itinerary items (not regular use – also known as reasonable wear and tear)
  • You are in violation of some other tenancy agreement clause such as leaving a place as clean as you have found it

As you can see there are several areas you want to pay attention to from the very beginning and general rule is that regular maintenance will keep the property in a good condition. We would advise to start assessing the property at least 3 weeks before your move out date for anything that could put you in an unfavourable place.


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It is always smart to save any correspondence between you and your landlord (or dates and times of phone calls) and to do check-in/out inventory and photos in case it comes to having to take action to get your deposit back.

When it comes to the cleaning, and this is coming from our personal experience living in rented properties, this is an area with a lot of room for interpretation especially if you are dealing with a difficult landlord or letting agents. If you would like to see how does one’s lettings agent move out inventory looks like, click here.

If you leave cleaning with your landlord or letting agency this might end up costing way more than if you hire professionals yourself. To sort something out i.e. find the most reliable cleaners, arrange, book and oversee takes time and therefore more money. The landlord can also choose to pay themselves “wages” for doing the job, and this can be arbitrary.

When feeling confident and you want to do the clean-up yourself, please make sure to plan properly and dedicate the last day or so before moving out for cleaning (depending on the size of your property). Please be aware that the place needs to look as how you found it (and we assume professionally cleaned). This, of course, doesn’t mean every pipe or ceramic tile needs to have its original shine/polish. If an item is old or worn out it will never have the original shine or polished look.

Make sure to pay special attention to cleaning:
Carpets (if required by contract)
Walls (if required by contract)
Fridge (and freezer)
Skirting boards
Corners of rooms
Limescale around bath/shower
Hard watermarks on bath/shower glass and piping

If you don’t have the time or you are not certain you will do a good enough job in securing your deposit by cleaning the property yourself we advise to do a proper research for local cleaning companies or contractors providing these services.

Remember that prevention is the best treatment in the future. Have a look at your home and try and solve the problem to prevent another unnecessary dispute over the end of tenancy deposit.

If you decide that a professional end of tenancy cleaning is the right way forward, at MyHomeLovely we offer great discounts until the end of August for End of tenancy (move in/out) cleanings. All you need to do is request a call back to learn more or go to our booking page and book your cleaning in a couple of minutes.

Please let us know in comments if you have any questions or would like to know more about End of tenancy cleaning process. If you are looking for more tips on moving out and cleaning, check out this blog from Aloha Maids.


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