Clean like a pro

Clean like a pro

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How to clean like a pro (and save time)


One of the downsides of modern urban life is it leaves us with very little free time.  We therefore completely understand that keeping your home clean at all times (even just between your professional cleanings) is not exactly high on your agenda.  But there are few tricks that demand no more than 15 minutes of your time at once and can make a big difference. They will contribute to good maintenance of your home, as well as give it a constant look of tidiness and cleanness (so even those unplanned visits cannot surprise you).


A clean bathroom does not just look good but is also very important from the health perspective. We recommend giving it a deep clean once a month and a regular clean every week. However, try spending a few minutes every day or two on it as well. Wiping the sink and the toilet seat with a surface cleaner, then adding the toilet bowl cleaner in the end should suffice. Easy peasy.


As with the bathroom, keeping the kitchen clean is necessary. It is the place where we prepare all the delicious food and feed our families after all. While the food is already being cooked on the stove, take a few minutes to wipe clean the surfaces and the kitchen sink. Unless there is grease or heavy dirt on it, there is no need to (over)use the kitchen cleaner. Few sprays or just a wet wipe should get rid of the crumbs and the remains of the food. The same goes for the stove and the kitchen table once you are finished with cooking and eating.

Bedroom, living room and the rest of the living spaces

Try airing your bedroom as soon as you wake up, and after 10 minutes or so (while you get ready for the day), make a bed. It only takes a few minutes and then you can forget worrying about it for the rest of the day. It’s an important habit to accumulate as well as it means finishing the things you start (important things in life). If you are raising teens, have a look at this article with more tips on how to have them tidy up.

In the living room, the coffee table is something we use daily and collects most of the dirt. Give it a quick wet wipe clean every day, and again, unless necessary, there is no need of (over)using the cleaning product. If you find yourself with some extra time, quick vacuuming of your decorative carpets and room corners, where most of the dust settles, will make an instant change. The same goes for mirrors which get obviously dirty quite easily (just a quick dry wipe).

Taking the trash out regularly will take almost no time if you do it while heading out anyway. Each family member can contribute to it (the same goes for the rest of the written above, naturally). Do not forget about recycling and keeping an eye on the waste collection schedule.
Don’t forget to skip what’s is already clean. This is an easy one to omit and you will end up doing the same work twice. Don’t clean what is already clean.

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