Best Cleaning tips by Fresh Take Cleaning

Best Cleaning tips by Fresh Take Cleaning

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash


Fresh Take Cleaning’s best window cleaning tips!


Our friends at Fresh Take Cleaning were happy to share some tips on some of the methods they use to clean windows. These are quite simple to follow and you can use it as well in your own home.

Vinegar cleaning solution: The best part about using a vinegar solution is It’s safe, eco-friendly and best of all cheap, all you need is equal parts vinegar and water, rubbing alcohol, and a little bit of dish soap in a spray bottle. We use this to pre-clean windows, just spray and let sit for up to 5 mins.  Use a rubber squeegee on large paned windows or a sponge and microfiber cloth to get a streak free clean.

The S pattern: One of the most common mistakes is using a circular motion to wipe away stains, streaks and cleaning solution. If you use a circular motion you are cleaning dirt from one area, taking up dirt from another area and bring the dirt back to the first area you cleaned. Instead, wipe with an S- shape from edge to edge of the pane, it will be quicker and give you better results.

Clean every angle and area: Windows are not just the glass section, it includes the sill and the frame too. Dust can easily settle on the panes, you can easily, wipe, dust or vacuum it away. Finally, check different angles of the glass, streaks are easy to miss if you’re only looking at it from one angle.

These are our top 3 favorite tips for cleaning windows. If you follow these tips it will help make cleaning windows and glass less of a chore. You’ll love the results and be done in no time!


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