Here Are Some Benefits of Getting Your Teenager to Tidy Up Their Room

Here Are Some Benefits of Getting Your Teenager to Tidy Up Their Room

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We live in the day and age when pretty much everything is brought into question. While new insights are definitely valuable, it is scary to think that we’ve been doing things the wrong way. However, the feelings of doubt can get really bad if this new knowledge concerns something as important as parenting. Or as challenging as parenting a teenager.

Parents should make sure that their teenagers clean their own rooms, right?

Expecting your teenager to look after their own room was seen as completely natural and beneficial for a long time, but an increasing number of opinions suggest otherwise. Firstly, teenagers have a lot on their plate as it is – insisting that they keep their room tidy puts additional pressure on them. Secondly, it creates conflict. Parents often insist on tidiness simply because they consider messiness an affront to their person – while teens are rebellious, some of them are simply disorganized by nature, and parents should show understanding.

You shouldn’t disregard these and similar arguments. Nevertheless, we need to remember the benefits a clean room has on both adult and teenage mind, as well as dangers of an unclean one.

In MyHomeLovely’s first article on the topic of teenagers and their rooms, we will explore why parents shouldn’t stop insisting on clean rooms. Instead, they should only adjust their approach.


The Benefits and Dangers

The psychological impact on a teenager’s mind

Are you more likely to link an orderly house with an orderly mind, or messiness with creativity? Frankly, It doesn’t matter all that much. Science has proven the positive psychological impact a clean and orderly room has on a teen mind. No, it won’t help your teen’s grades as much as you would expect, but it will have a positive effect overall.

Because of their raging hormones, teenagers often feel out of control – habits help restore it. Gently, but firmly insisting on a clean room will help your teen feel better. Moreover, they will feel safe in their own space, but without feeling the need to be shut off from the rest of the household.

Discipline and responsibility

Cleaning habits don’t just help with the confusion of teenage years, they are important in later life.

There are two main reasons why many parents feel that their teenager has to do cleaning chores or at least clean their own room: they’ll contribute to the household cleanliness and they’ll learn responsibility.

First off, focus only on the room and forget the household chores. Enlisting a teenager’s help may be seen as a sign of good discipline, but it’s rarely secured without confrontation and it takes away your teen’s attention from more important things. Moreover, the end result is hardly worth the effort. In case you need help with your household, consider MyHomeLovely and book house cleaning online Wimbledon, rather than relying on your teen.

Responsibility, on the other hand, is important. If a teenager has a habit of cleaning they will be more productive and less stressed out. This will also show later in life. In adulthood, cleanliness is your main ally not only for achieving success but keeping healthy.

Health hazards

Cleanliness has major benefits on a person’s health, but the scary thing is how quickly its absence can lead to health hazards.

These hazards are the main reason why you should insist on a clean room. Just imagine the mould, various pests and bacteria and fungi. Finding any of these is disgusting, but that’s the least of your worries. What if the pests spread to the rest of the household? What if your teen develops respiratory problems or rash?

The easiest way to prevent health problems is to have your teen make sure that their room is sanitary.

Negotiating the Standards – Clean, Messy, Unsanitary

Keep in mind that, as a parent, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be completely satisfied with your teen’s room. Maybe you simply have different views on what is clean and what is messy?

Talk with your teenager and establish the rules and cleanliness standards together. Determine what a tolerable mess is and what unsanitary is.

If you know what you want from your teenager you will minimize the risk of confrontations.

But what about the cleaning itself?

By the end of this article you may think to yourself, O.K. great, I knew some of that but how do I actually convince my teenager that they should clean their room?  MyHomeLovely’s next article will shed some light on different strategies that will help your mission be a success!

Until next time!


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