6 Items You Should Be Deep Cleaning Way More Often

6 Items You Should Be Deep Cleaning Way More Often

It’s no secret that cleaning a house is something many people don’t want to do. And who can blame them? Scrubbing, washing, and getting surrounded by the aroma of cleaning chemicals is the last thing people want to do in their spare time!


Still, having a regular cleaning regime is essential. That’s because some parts of your home can become a breeding ground for bacteria. What’s more, you could also end up having problems with mold and fungus too. So, with all that in mind, how often should you be deep cleaning your house? Here are six things you need to deep clean way more often:


  1. Carpets

One of the things that some people forget about, or don’t do much cleaning is their carpets. They are ideal locations for dust, dirt, and allergens to make their new home!

All you need is a decent vacuum cleaner to complete that task. Be mindful that areas of high-volume foot traffic should get cleaned more often than others.

  1. Windows, blinds, and curtains

Another magnet for dirt and dust in any home is the windows, blinds, and curtains. Regularly cleaning those your windows and blinds will lessen the likelihood of dirt and dust settling in your rooms.

As for your curtains, they can also be a magnet for odors as well as dirt and dust. A good quality steam cleaner can get used for deep cleaning your curtains if you cannot put them in your washing machine.


  1. Baseboards and handrails

You may not notice it, but your baseboards and handrails get dirty very quickly. Not only do they harbor dust, but they can get bacteria-ridden from both people and animals (i.e., pets).

Be sure to use the brush attachment on your baseboards to handrails to suck up any dust. And a suitable cloth and cleaner will make the surfaces look like new again – and kill any bacteria.


  1. Toilets

You may ensure a certain level of cleanliness in your toilets each day. But, did you know that you need to be deep cleaning them regularly as well?

As you can appreciate, toilets are ideal breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria. You must disinfect and deep clean your toilets; doing so keeps them clean, and you in good health!


  1. Kitchen ovens

Unless you are lucky enough to have a self-cleaning oven, you need to deep clean these appliances regularly. You may think that the heat alone will kill any bacteria. But, what the heat from your oven won’t do is wipe away any food spills, dirt, or even dust.


  1. Interior and exterior of your refrigerator

Last, but not least, it’s crucial that you give your refrigerator a deep clean inside and out. The surfaces can harbor harmful bacteria, something that can ultimately affect your health.

Author’s Bio: Jacob Martinez is the owner & founder of SwiftClean, a Southern California home cleaning company. He’s passionate about all things local business & digital marketing. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find him out in the ocean surfing or fishing.


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