20 questions you should ask your cleaners before they visit

20 questions you should ask your cleaners before they visit

Here are 20 questions you would want to ask your cleaners before they begin working in your home.



After you established a good report with your prospective cleaning company, have checked their reputation and agreed on the price – what you really want is to understand how they do business. So we wanted to help you ask your cleaners the right questions. If they don’t ask you much, you should initiate a broader conversation. Let them know more about your household. The more communication up-front the better, at least this is how we think here at MyHomeLovely house cleaning company. This will minimise any miscommunication and will mold your expectations about the service provider and theirs about yourself.

Bear in mind that some service providers will not know all the answers to your questions or plainly will not have such a procedure in place yet. But that’s ok, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t do a good job. As long as they are upfront about any shortcomings and can be relied upon to deliver good value for the money you should consider the pros and cons carefully.


We compiled a list of our favourite questions clients ask. So let’s begin with the first 10, shall we?


1. Can we assume we can amend booked hours or the scope as we go if we need more/less?

Here you want to find out if the company is flexible and can provide enough of ours in their schedule if there is need. Also, you will learn if there are any minimum requirements that the company has set such as a minimum of hours booked.


2. How do we pay for the service -do we have to pay the cleaners on the day, or via card

In a modern world, we live in you would usually want to avoid dealing with cash payments. Consumer protection goes hand in hand with this. Some companies offer online payments, some invoice you after the service and so on. It’s still largely the case that companies prefer to be paid in cash, so this is not unusual.

3. Do we have to tip the cleaners?

This one is for the obvious reasons. Different cultures have different ways of dealing with tipping for the service. For example, in the USA it’s given that you should tip. In the UK not so much. But it’s a nice way of saying we appreciate the work you do for us.


4. Would you say [number] of hours is sufficient for a [type of ] clean?

You should be given a good estimation of how long it would take to clean your house by professional cleaners and the company should know this. Provided that you have given them enough information, to begin with, you will usually get a time range for cleaning a home similar to yours.


5. Will we be allocated the same cleaner (deep clean/fortnightly)?

As a customer, you should feel comfortable about whoever is cleaning your home. If the company intends to send different team members you should know when that will be happening and under what circumstances. Some companies prefer to have a breadth of cleaners who are comfortable cleaning your home as well. The company can make sure your home gets clean even if there is an absence for any reason. This helps, but you should be aware of it.


6. Are we able to meet him/her first?

Policies and approaches differ here. But we don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to meet your cleaners before-hand (if the schedule allows it). What is usually not welcome with established companies is if you intend to “interview” the cleaners as if you are to become their employer.


7. Is it better to have 1 cleaner or more at a time?

Excellent question, we want to add. A good rule of thumb is if your house is bigger and takes more than 4hrs to clean– you would want more people. But knowing when to stop adding toward the team is an art (or rather a good operations manager). The simple reason is efficiency. Some cleaners will get tired after 2-3 hours and the efficiency can drop. So they would do better if they had a helper and 4 hours of cleaning will become 2 hours. The trouble can arise if you have more cleaners than necessary and no monitoring as they can get in each other’s way (redoing work).


8. How many cleaners will be attending?

Coming as an extension to the previous question, you want to discuss with your cleaning company what is best for your case and why.


9. Should we be at home for the duration of the service?

Some cleaning companies will require you to be there, some will prefer if you are not. It is always best if you can check the work and make sure you are happy while the cleaners are still there, especially if it’s one-off cleaning. Here at MyHomeLovely cleaning company based in Surrey, we offer you our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can relax knowing the work will be done up to the standard.


10. What’s your policy if the cleaner has to cancel the recurring clean (sickness/holiday, etc)

In case the company sent only 1 person ever to work on your house, and that person reported absence- what happens then? Surely the world shouldn’t stop because of that. Joke aside, your house should get the attention it requires as you have set it up. Whatever the plan is, you should know it to avoid any unpleasant surprises and to plan accordingly.


So there you go, that was the first 10 questions we curated for you and these are some of the basics you should ask your cleaners. Please let us know in the comments or via email if you would add anything to this list. If you are interested to hear about the other 10 spicy questions you should ask your cleaners, follow the link and click here.


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